Our purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of Christ.


Our passion at the Orland EV Free Church is to extend and deepen the Bible's impact on our thoughts and actions. We uphold the authority, infallibility, and accuracy of the Bible. Therefore, we are committed to accurate verse by verse exposition of God's word every Sunday. We post audio of our latest sermons online. 

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adult sunday school

Current Series: The Acts of the Apostles

A survey of the history of the early church from the ascension of Christ to the Roman Imprisonment of the Apostle Paul. We hope to accomplish two things: 

1. To lay out a framework for understanding where the rest of the New Testament books fit in timeline of the church; 

2. To evaluate and learn from the lesson of the early church in order to apply this historical narrative to us as a church in Orland today.

You can listen to the latest Sunday school messages by clicking the link here!