OUR ADult Activities

  • Men's Bible Study

    Ephesians- Encouraging men to study and apply the living Word of God as men of God. The men are taught and held accountable to be courageous men, loving husbands and caring fathers. This study meets every Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM.


    Contact: Tim Bekendam

  • ladies' bible study

    Bible Study for Men & Women During Awana- Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have a meaningful, genuine relationship with God that works in the day-in and day-out circumstances of life? This inductive study will help you discover for yourself how such a relationship is possible. This is a six week, no homework, study of God’s Word, meeting on Monday evenings from 6:45 to 7:45 PM at the Ministry Center.

    Contact the church office for more information.

    Philippians Christ, the Source of Joy and Strength study by John MacArthur meets Tuesday mornings at 9 AM at the home of Kathy Spence.

    Contact: Kathy Spence

    Ladies Psalms Precept Study- Praising God through Prayer and Worship– an inductive study of the Psalms. God is the central focus of the Psalms and through this study we will learn many things that will lead us to worship and adore Him more, including observing His names, titles, and attributes. Wednesday evenings at 6 PM. Beginning September 11th and ending November 13th at the church in the Ministry Center.

    Contact: Natalie Peterson

    Ladies Philippians Precept Study- What is the purpose of suffering and the Christian perspective on death? Do I have the mind of Christ? Am I living the life of a bondservant? We will be doing a Precept study on the book of Philippians, Thursdays at 9 AM and 6:30 PM, which will answer these questions as well as showing us how to experience true deep down joy in our lives despite people or circumstances.


    Contact Laurel Cleek or Margie Nielsen

    Galatians The Wondrous Grace of God study by John MacArthur meets Thursday evenings at 7 AM in the Ministry Center.

    Contact: Aubrey Shull

  • G.E.M.S

    God’s Energetic Motivated Seniors (GEMS)- For our 55 plus members we offer opportunity for fellowship, prayer and a time together in God's Word. GEMS meets on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM for a potluck. It's a great evening of fellowship around dinner. Each month we hear from a different guest speaker.

    Contact: Ken Bostrom