Our Core Values

We are committed to the authority, infallibility and accuracy of the Bible. Our passion is therefore, to explain the Bible's impact on our thoughts, lives,  and actions by accurately explaining the Bible verse by verse. 

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In the exposition, and study of God's Word we will learn: 

(1) How we can worship God sincerely in Jesus Christ - loving Him, trusting Him and submitting to His will.

(2) How we can grow in reverence for Jesus Christ, being humbled by His death that secured the forgiveness of our sins and being refreshed by His resurrection that secured our new life in the Holy Spirit. 

(3)  How we can apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to every part of life - to show Christ's love in our community, in the church, in our families and to be constrained by it in our thoughts. 

(4)  How we can proclaim the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through creative enterprises in Orland and around the world.